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2015 Dairy Days in Albany






2014-2015 Community Dairy Quens


Sayde McDermott

Albany Dairy Queen

Jenna Langmeier

Argyle Dairy Queen

Kyleah McKnight

Belleville Dairy Queen

Ashley Shilling

Blanchardville Dairy Queen

Cheyanna Becherer

Brodhead Dairy Queen

Liz Grady

Brooklyn Dairy Queen

Amanda McDermott

Browntown Dairy Queen

Crista Hale

Juda Dairy Queen

Emma Peterson

Monroe Dairy Queen

 Kallista Baebler

Monticello Dairy Queen

Rebecca Barr

New Glarus Dairy Queen

Kelsey Cramer

Green County Dairy Queen

Haley Reeson

Green County Dairy Princess





 Queen Program Chairpersons

  County Chairperson Pam Burke


Kayla Hamilton

  Argyle Rachel Larson
  Belleville Rachel Schrader
  Blanchardville Mellisa Leonard
  Brodhead Linda Wahl
  Browntown Pam Lawver
  Brooklyn Jillian McNeely
  Juda Jody Makos
  Monroe Denise Schindler


Sue Rieder
  New Glarus


Trisha Pernot

Lisa Behnke


About the Dairy Queens

The Green County Dairy Queen and Princess are the official hostesses for the Green County Ag Chest. The Community Dairy Queens are hostesses in their communities.

Every June, the eleven Green County communities choose a new Community Queen. On the Thursday before Dairy Day, all new Queens are judged during the day. In the evening at the Queen Banquet, the Queens introduce themselves and answer a question which the judges have chosen. The judges then select the new Green County Dairy Queen and Princess that will be named after the parade on Saturday of Dairy Day.

  • The responsibilities of the Dairy Queens are:
  • Attend Ag Chest Meeting
  • Queen Reports in local and county newspaper and radio
  • Volunteer for community functions
  • Promote Green County and Wisconsin products/resources in the classrooms of their schools
  • Give speeches
  • Work in Ag Chest trailer promoting their community and county
  • Ride in parades
Anyone interested in becoming a Queen or participating in any role is encouraged to contact their local Queen Chairperson or the County Chairperson, Pam Burke.


Dairy Queen Information Sheet


Community ____________________________________  Grade in School ____________

High School _____________________________________________________________   

Name ______________________________________   Date of Birth ______________________

Address _______________________________________________________________________

E-Mail Address __________________________________________________

Phone home _____________________________________ 

Phone cell _______________________________________

Do you have face book account?     yes   or no

Mother Name (Last)        Mailing Address(Street, City)



Father Name  (Last)         Mailing Address  (Street, City) 



Is there any time on May 17 that does not work in your schedule to be judge-12:00-5:00p.m. ?







Opening and Closing Prayers


MONTH                              OPENING                                                   CLOSING


July                                     County Queen                                   County Princess


August                               Albany                                                 Argyle


September                        Blanchardville                                    Monroe


October                             Juda                                                      Browntown


November                         New Glarus                                           Monticello


January                             Brodhead                                                Belleville                                          


February                           County Princess                                     Albany


March                                Monticello                                               County Queen


April                                    Monroe                                                   New Glarus        


May                                     Juda                                                         Argyle




Lunch Committee

Each County and Community Queen will serve once at the Green County Ag Chest meetings.  You will need to contact the person you are scheduled to serve with and work out the details.  The usual lunch consist of milk, cheese, crackers, bars, cookies, napkins, and cups.

August                                Gr Co Dairy Queen/Gr Co Dairy Princes            

September                         Albany/Argyle

October                              Monroe/Monticello

November                          New Glarus/Blanchardville

January                              Juda/Brodhead

February                            Bellevillel/Browntown

March                                 All Queen-Dish to pass –Eat during queens meeting (7:30)           

April                                    Pam/Julene/Karen                         

May                                     Ag Chest-Pizza