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Breakfast on the Farm

The Dairy Breakfast has been a time-honored tradition in Green County since 1961 when the first Dairy Breakfast was held at the Juda Church. From 1961 through 1979, various schools and churches around Green County hosted the Dairy Breakfast each year in the spring as a way to kick off June Dairy Month. 


In 1979, as a result of the collaboration between the Green County Ag Chest and local farm families, the Dairy Breakfast as we knew it was replaced by the Breakfast on the Farm. Each year since, a different farm family in Green County has volunteered to host breakfast at their home for more than 5,000 people. 

The Green County Ag Chest spends months planning the Breakfast on the Farm. Each year dozens of volunteers, local partners, farmers, and supporters help make the breakfast a success.

Each year, we use:

  • more than 2,400 eggs,

  • 1,300 pounds of sausage,

  • 5,000 half-pints of milk,

  • 126 gallons of ice cream mix,

  • 3,500 cartons of orange juice,

  • 200 Homemade Dairy Breakfast Coffee Cakes,

  • 13 gallons of fresh strawberries,

  • 110 pounds of butter,

  • 480 pounds of cheese, and

  • 26 pounds of coffee

If you have questions about the Breakfast on the Farm, or if you would like to volunteer for Breakfast on the Farm, please email the Breakfast on the Farm Committee or contact the Green County Ag Chest.  

Are you a crafter looking to host a booth at the Breakfast on the Farm? View our Crafter Registration Form & Release of Liability.

Join us for the 45th Annual Green County Breakfast on the Farm hosted by Jeff and Julie Nimtz Family, Saturday, May 25, 2024 6-10am.


First bus leaves Monroe- Walmart at 5:15 for workers for the first shift. The shuttles will be every 30 minutes leaving from Monroe- Walmart and New Glarus High School from 5:30-9:30. 


Cattle at Sunrise
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