Community Dairy Queens - Royalty & Responsibility

The Green County Ag Chest is most visible through its Community Dairy Queen Program.  Each year for the past 50 years, a new group of young women are chosen by their communities to represent Green County agriculture and the dairy industry. The Green County Dairy Queen and Princess are the faces of the Ag Chest and serve as hostess for Green County events. Each Community Dairy Queen serves as hostess for their respective communities. 


Each spring, young women from the eleven participating communities in Green County are invited to attend a Green County Ag Chest meeting to affirm their intention to run for Dairy Queen. Community Dairy Queens are crowned through June. Sometime in mid-June, Community Dairy Queens attend an evaluation and interview day where they are judged on their professionalism, kindness, humility, and agricultural knowledge. The Green County Dairy Queen and Princess are then announced during Dairy Days. 

The Green County Ag Chest Dairy Queen Program is an iconic tradition that has been embraced by the people of Green County for more than half a century. Past Community Dairy Queens have said that their time spent as royalty was a pivotal experience in their personal growth. 

"The Green County Ag Chest Dairy Queen Program is an excellent opportunity for young women to develop their professional skills through community service, philanthropy, and education."

                                                                                                              -Paige Bittner

                                                                                                              Green County Dairy Princess 2017-2018

Interested in becoming a Green County Dairy Queen? Visit our Documents page to get started. 

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